Anna Chainska

Welcome, I am founder and CEO of True Bond Therapy. It is combination of coaching and counselling. My focus is on helping you to get to the root cause of your current issues and transform it so that you can truly experience and enjoy life to the fullest. Very often under disguise of physical illnesses, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, relationship issues lies childhood traumas that one has never recovered from. Being able to free yourself from it will initiate you on the path to true freedom, hapoiness, love and success! I am experienced Psychodynamic Counsellor, Health and Emotional Wellbeing Coach. Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I have vast experience of helping people coming from various walks of life. It is my passion and gift to support and guide people on their path to happiness, self love, success and fulfilment.


Counselling & Couples Counselling
Psychodynamic Therapy

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